At the edge of the horizon

At the edge of the horizon
At the edge of Japan

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Starting to find my way around town...

I have to share these things as I'm stoked about them. All of these things have just started to fall into place.

(1) I found a place to practice yoga (I'm so excited about this!)

(2) I found a store that sells Tulsi tea leaves.

(3) I found a good acupuncturist

(4) I have joined a trad. Yaeyama dance class/studio

(5) I think I am about to start taking voice lessons to train my voice to sing Japanese songs correctly (I will also be able to improve my image at the office party post-nomikai karaoke sessions. It's not my aim for this venture, but I will get some bonus points- 2 birds, 1 stone). I watched a chorus practicing today and the woman leading the chorus seems like a fantastic voice coach.

(6) I found a nice, clean gym open 7 days a week which only costs 200 yen per use and doesn't require a membership/joining fee (and since I don't go every day, this will be cheap).

(7) I am trying to find a private Japanese language tutor. Someone here suggested I enroll at Kumon at the Kindergarten or younger level (if I have enough cash as it's expensive). Can you imagine me in a classroom full of Japanese children who are probably between the ages of 4-5 years old? Well, I have to start somewhere at least with the kanji and this would probably help. Plus more cross-cultural exposure! The little kids will love me.

(8) I was invited to participate in a German language lesson in Naha when I visit that city in a month. I really wish they had German lessons here on this island. I really need to continue using it as much as I can (especially while trying to learn Japanese).

I just need to find a good hair stylist and I'll be set. A stylist who knows how to deal with my curly hair. It's possible that this may not be accomplished this year. It's hard enough to find stylists in the US who know how to work with curly hair, so I do not expect a stylist on this remote island to know how to deal with it. But it would be a pleasant surprise!

Yes, this is a minor necessity, I know (but hey, it's on my to-do list).

Ok, so I am doing things here and not just singing karaoke and drinking at the izakaya(s) evenings and weekends. Not that those two things aren't awesome, but too much of a good thing, ne? (Now I just need to learn how to say the equivalent of that expression in Nihongo).

I feel a bit more accomplished and a tad more settled in here on this little island.

Yay for that!! Let's celebrate! Karaoke style.

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