At the edge of the horizon

At the edge of the horizon
At the edge of Japan

Monday, January 23, 2012

Music as Language

...Music as a form of expression without a way to reach and communicate with others without being bound to, restricted or limited by language...

Music has the ability to encompass such a range of human emotions and experiences, with or without lyrics.  It has so much power to influence the way we feel and the things we remember.  It can be enjoyed whether you speak the language of the piece or not (if lyrics are involved).  It's amazing how much power sound has.  We connect through sound. In a way, good writing is not unlike music.  There is flow, pacing, silence, rhythm and so much more to consider.  

I'm not being exceptionally eloquent tonight.  It's late and it's a Monday, but  I wanted to share some of the sounds I've been listening to today:

I recently discovered Yoko K. via Jetwit.  She creates absolutely amazing compositions that somehow take me back in time in my own life to different parts of it.  The music she makes is organic electronica.  She has a great talk and live performance of her work at TEDxPotomac called "Elixir of Harmony."  I think I'm going to present this talk in my O.C. class if I can. 

One of my FB friends posted a link to Ryuichi Sakamoto today.  If you don't know who he is, you can find his bio on wiki.  I think he's best known in the West for his film scores for well known Hollywood films, though musicians have sampled or been influenced by his work.  He is particularly interested in Okinawan music, by the way, and was heavily influenced by classical music.  His interest in cultural/ethnic expressions in music and ethnomusicology adds so much to his work.  

My friend Izumi's band/art collective, "Divine Slime"...

I need to listen to more Okinawan music though.  It's so different from mainland Japanese music and its influences on Japanese musicians have been well noted.  I'll try to post links from Okinawan music as an ongoing project.  In the meantime, Ryukyu Underground is an Okinawan based group (composed of two musicians who moved to Okinawa from England and America, respectively) whose work has been influenced by music from the Ryukyu islands.  Here are two different tracks of theirs. Umaku Kamade and Koza Riot

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