At the edge of the horizon

At the edge of the horizon
At the edge of Japan

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Liebster Award (ありがとうございます!)

About a month ago, I received a nomination from Sophelia for the Liebster Award. It's a small award that's actually a chain letter meant to connect bloggers to each other. I haven't had time to answer it until now, so here goes. I have to answer questions that Sophelia posted and then make my own to pass on to other blogs which I love to read. Shamefully, I only read a handful of blogs, which makes me a bad, bad blogger I think. But I'll pass this award on dutifully.

10 Questions from Sophelia 

What is the most important thing you read online this week? Links please!
Which country that you have never visited do you most want to go to?
What is the worst movie you have ever seen?
What song do you listen to when you are most in need of a pick-me-up?
What children’s book describes the meaning of life best in your eyes? Ahh, you noticed that wasn't a new question, huh? Glad that you are paying attention. I still want to ask it anyway, because I think it is a fantastic question!
Can you name a movie adaptation that was better than the book?
What if your favourite vegetarian recipe? Again, links or post in full please ;)
What was your very first pet's name?
What is your "guilty pleasure" TV show?
Tell me about a book that changed how you see the world.


1. Oh man...Probably that the Mayor of Osaka had finally apologized for his horrendous comments.
2. Australia and Thailand
3. . I tend to turn off any movies that I think are awful. I'd stay "The Stupids" was really, really bad. I sat through 5 minutes of that one.
4.  Anything by Blonde Redhead
5.  Tuck Everlasting. I really enjoyed the concept of living life to the fullest that one can in their own lifetime, because immortality isn't possible (and even if it were, in the case of the Tuck family, their are drawbacks) . Also, I really love "love stories" and that was a YA love story. Much better than Twilight.
6.  Hm...."The Mist" was a wonderful adaptation of a short story by Stephen King. I think it did the story a favor with the shift in the ending. Wow, that ending...
7. I like vegetarian Spanish omelet (though I suppose it's ovo-lacto vegetarian).
8. Pi
9. Mad Men
10. I recently read "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed and I really loved it, though I know it's not epic. I think maybe the most memorable books that I've read in my life are "Pedro Paramo," by Juan Rulfo, "L'amant" by Marguerite Duras, "Dance Dance Dance" by Murakami Haruki (I know it's not his most well known book, but it's my favorite of his), and I really enjoyed " How to Live: A Life of Montaigne -One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer" by Sarah Bakewell. I would also say that Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential" was life changing at the time that I read it.

10 Questions for You:

1. What's your favorite movie and why?
2. What book did you read recently that you loved?
3. What obscure historical fact do you know?
4. What languages do you speak? What languages do you wish you could speak?
5. What famous art work do you most identify with?
6. What Japanese music do you listen to?
7. Where in Japan do you recommend visiting?
8. Why did you come to Japan (or why do you want to move or visit Japan)?
9. What city is your favorite city in the world?
10. One fact about yourself.

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