At the edge of the horizon

At the edge of the horizon
At the edge of Japan

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Measuring my life out with お握り

With September nearly over, I've managed to survive my first month as a One-shot ALT.  I've seen nearly 12 schools, and have visited the larger schools at least 2-3 times (sometimes working at least 5 classes with class sizes from 35-40 kids each).  Yesterday was one of those 5 class kind of days, but today was easier as it was at a smaller island school.  Still, having to do my song and dance back to back for 3 different classes can take quite a bit out of me, particularly when I've had to tell them my favorite Japanese food 5 thousand times. Someone today suggested I try たこ焼き but unfortunately it's made of wheat flour.  At the end of a long week of trying my hardest to impress these kids, my brain sometimes feels like it's made of wheat flour.

The cabin
So when I'm not working for the weekend, it is the weekend (and last weekend was one of the best yet).  We headed up to Ibaruma on Saturday and stayed overnight at a luxurious cabin (and I'm serious when I use the word luxurious).  It was fantastic.
The mountains near the cabin at night

And it is also the place that we're going to shoot a short horror movie as a Halloween project to show to my classes.  So I've been busy creating a treatment and a script (and researching some of the ways in which we can shoot this DV as cheaply as possible and still produce acceptable results).  Anyone who has experience with this, feel free to get in touch with me.

Apart from this, I've just been thinking about what I will be doing next year at this time.  My job has already been canceled as there are cutbacks to this program.  Pretty soon, I'll have to make the decision to renew and see where I am assigned to next year (and go through the whole moving process again -- selling my car, furniture, etc).  Or, I can not renew and venture out on my own as I have a work visa with a three year duration. Or, I can return to the US and try to find some sort of work there...I have options, so I am not worried.

We shall see.

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