At the edge of the horizon

At the edge of the horizon
At the edge of Japan

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Fall Off Your Horse

I made it back to Okinawa safely, despite flying into a typhoon on my way from Narita to Naha. I was too exhausted to even care about the mega-turbulence the airplane experienced. What might have frightened me, was just a vague memory between Alpha waves. Flying across the world is not for the faint of heart. I'm still recovering from jet lag (having slept so much the past few days). I have also been experiencing very strange, vivid dreams lately. But that's for another post.

So, I'm back to the grind, back in the saddle (again), back into the groove, you know... And while I am happy to be back in Japan, I am feeling that uneasiness, that particular itch that I have felt before when I know it might be time for me to head to a new adventure (I've got my sights set already, I just need some time to work out the details). It isn't very noticeable except when I am dealing with all of the BS at my work, and while every job has a certain amount of BS, I guess I feel like time is ticking and I don't have time to waste on this particular BS.

My trip home was really worthwhile. I wish I had returned home last summer as I really needed a vacation a year ago. It's important to refresh and recharge from cultural fatigue. It does wear you down. I've been trying to re-acclimate myself to Japan. I love Japan, but I feel like I constantly have mini-struggles throughout the day. I figure it has to do with my language inabilities, but it could also just be a cultural divide (or both). I do miss my friends and family back home, but I don't have a desperate need to return to the USA. When I eventually do, I know it will be time to return home.

 I still feel like I need to be in Japan, though I don't think this means staying in Okinawa. The biggest struggle of moving is meeting new people and starting over from scratch. It has taken me a while to build up friendships with my Japanese colleagues and friends. That being said, I will have to do it again at some point as I am not planning to settle down in Okinawa. How do I gracefully maneuver from this particular Okinawan life to another one I haven't yet settled on?  I suspect some mini-vacations are in order.

奈良 美智'at MoMA (NYC)

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