At the edge of the horizon

At the edge of the horizon
At the edge of Japan

Friday, January 11, 2013

Daily Doses of the Sublime

We need the sublime to survive.  It's everywhere all around us constantly.  But, sadly we're usually too busy, too stressed, to hurried, to transfixed by hypermedia, too numb or too oblivious to recognize it.

Ah, the sublime in nature.  Ah, the sublime in the sky.  Ah, the sublime in poetry.  Ah, the sublime in music.  Ah, the sublime in dance.  Ah, the sublime in performance.  Ah, the sublime in paintings.  Ah, the sublime in photography.  Ah, the sublime in the mundane.
We need art to keep us alive.  Art should be everywhere around us.  It should not be squandered or ignored.  Exceptional art should not be hidden away.  It should not be considered a mere token.  It should not be brushed off as unnecessary.  It should not be made to feel inferior.  It should not be pushed away due to fear and intimidation. It should not be compartmentalized.  It should not be divided into sections.  It should not be cordoned off and stored in vaults.  It should not be accessed only by the very wealthy.  It should not be divided between the high and low.  It should be everywhere for everyone.  That does not mean that artists should not get paid.  It means that artists should be valued even more for the significant role they hold in keeping their communities together, in reaching further into the unknown of this world and this universe we live in and in creating things that did not exist beforehand.  Art, like science, is full of imagining things that could be and seeking those things, finding them and sharing them with others. 

If we don't venture into the unknown, into the sublime, then we are living a life in a monotonous rhythm all the way to the grave.


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